Pink Path to Gold

Pink Path To GoldWe are members of Girl Scout troop 169, working on our gold award project. All of the girls in the troop are working on projects at one locations. We help each other out during our meetings by giving suggestions on each other's reports. We will also work together a WE SURVIVE by restoring the land and homestead. When our project is complete, we plan to make the land open to cancer patients and their families, provide camp for chronically ill and terminally ill children, and other activities for the community.
The troop has been together for 11 years; during this time we have grown in many directions. The one thing that has gone unchanged is our friendship and our ability to work with each other despite differences of opinions. We have learned that no matter how different we may be, if we work together we can accomplish many things. We know that if we need anything that as a troop we will be there for each other!

Troop 169